The mysterious Esso site

Everyone living in the Vale would love to see the old Esso site developed – it’s a bit of an eye sore at the moment, and could be put to much better use.

However, one of the big sticking points has been tracking down the land owner.

We’ve come a step closer in our investigation and have found a company name ‘Hatchcross Ltd’ on the Land Registry deed. The committee has written to the company and is currently waiting for a response.

We’ll keep you posted.

3 comments on “The mysterious Esso site

  1. Nigel Wilson on said:

    Esso Site – residents may have recieved notification of Public Exhibition at St Johns Church Hall on Friday 3rd August 4pm – 8pm re proposal to develop the site with 134 Student units.
    Can the Vale deal with 134 extra Asda Trolleys!?!

  2. Ann Munday on said:

    Esso Site – It will be wonderful to see this eye sore area developed and used, but 134 units seems to many for the size of land. Not all students abandon shopping trollies, but just the possible noise from this many people in such a cramped area could spoil the villagey feel of the area. Although I do feel some type of accommodation, flats, town houses would be good for the area and the local businesses, the numbers need to be in keeping with a quality of living.

  3. Betty on said:

    I think it’s really unfair to assume that students will ruin the atmosphere of the Vale, they are paying a lot of money to come and study and although they may go out and be up late occasionally they come here to work hard and educate themselves. I think the plans look really smart and would be a huge improvement to the current eyesore which in my opinion completely ruins the ‘villagey’ feel of the Vale. Student accommodation is a great idea especially in comparison to say a mini market as it will support our local businesses and rejuvenate the entire neighbourhood.

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