Esso site – planning proposal

As you know there has been much discussion in the Vale as to the ownership of the old Esso site on Kingston Vale.

Last week we were contacted by the owner and many of us received the flyer (above).

The owner has a proposal to build student accommodation on the site for 134 people.

There is a public exhibition of the plans at St John the Baptist Church hall on Robin Hood Lane, Friday 3rd Aug from 16:00-20:00. We urge you to attend.

It’s great that the site is being developed, but we want to know if you think this is right thing for the Vale – so please use the Poll (on the right of the page) and mail us with your point of view to the usual address

This plan has not yet been submitted to the council, so it’s a good time to have your say.


2 comments on “Esso site – planning proposal

  1. Mrs Una Sutcliffe on said:

    Until I have seen the plans I cannot judge. However, I would be worried about increased parking in the local roads and also about what would happen to the building in holiday time.

  2. N Drew on said:

    I think this is a great idea. I was saddened at the narrow mindedness of the person who put the leaflet through my door this evening, claiming that students will ruin the area. The author of these leaflets (Junk mail) clearly has a very warped view of students. As a recent graduate, I can assure you that not all students are drug taking, alcohol drinking, noise creating, messy criminal litter bugs, as your leaflets would have people think, but actually very reserved, polite and helpful individuals. I think they would be an asset to the area. The parking increase would be minimal, as most students struggle to afford the ridiculous amount charged for fees nowadays, and so have no money left for cars. As for visiting cars, people visit the church every week, and the road doesn’t come to a standstill.

    I was insulted by your description of student houses as “semi-slums”. Maybe you should take a trip to Mumbai, and see some real slums for yourself. Having a few pizza boxes strewn on your desk, and books touching the ceiling is not living in a slum, and in fact is probably a sign that students don’t really have much time on their hands, unlike navel gazers who have the time to complain about them).

    Why focus on scaremongering about the potential development of the Esso site (which has actually been a dump for the past ten years) and focus on something that matters to residents, such as the complete lack of activities for young people (who by association with students are probably also considered as demons intent on destroying the vale). I also fail to see how developing a rubbish tip into modern, state of the art student housing will devalue property in the area by £150,000.

    Lets hope that the elusive author of the red and yellow leaflets doesn’t expect these riotous, disruptive and disrespectful students to give up their seat to them on the K3 as they travel into town on their Freedom Pass.

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